There are 100 Indonesian boy in Australia Adult Prison

Written By Admin on Sunday, October 16, 2011 | 7:07 PM

Australia - People smuggling can happen anywhere, including in prisons. Human rights activists reveal the presence of 100 young boys that diesel in adult prisons in Australia. They are involved in the case of human smuggling. Allegedly the boys were employed as crew on ships carrying illegal immigrants from Indonesia to Australia. Advocates Australia, Edwina Lloyd said most of these boys come from a small village, which knows no birth certificate. The lack of documentary evidence makes it difficult process of identification, whether they include adults or minors.

Lloyd asks Australia Police (AFP) conducted a more action to treat the child according to his rights, as children. "Not a single child in this world who deserve to be in adult prison," he said as published Australia Network News, Monday, October 17, 2011. "The police should use the resources they have to contact the boy's family in Indonesia. In order to obtain affidavits or other evidence about their age."

The presence of Indonesian children in Australia sticking post-prison detention cases under the age of three teenagers from Rote Island, Indonesia uncovered. They are Ako Lani orphan aged 16 years, Ose Lani was 15 years old, and John Ndollu 16 years. All three have now been released. 

 As is known a similar case also occurred in Indonesia. ABG in which a 14-year-old Australian was arrested while carrying marijuana. The issue arrest the boy attracted the attention of the Australian public - who feared the boy was in jail in cells with adults.

Kangaroos State Government also considers the case was very serious. Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd ordered the Australian ambassador in Indonesia, Greg Moriarty, flew to Denpasar to take care of this case. Not only that, Prime Minister Julia Gillard also intervene. He promised to repatriate the detained youth. PM's first woman in Australia has even called the teen's father directly.

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