Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has Died

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Libya - Muammar Gaddafi declared speculation ran out of the country, proven nonsense. Former ruler of Libya was his word: do not give up and choose to die in his homeland itself.

Libya's army invasion of the National Transition (NTC) which is supported NATO in his hometown of Sirte, Gaddafi to end life. Video footage and eyewitness testimony reveals the dramatic story of the end of the life of the African Lion.

Following the death of a three-part chronology Khadafi:

Air Raid

Shortly before the morning prayer, Thursday, October 20, 2011 when Libya, Gaddafi surrounded by several dozen of his loyal bodyguards, including the commander of its armed forces, Jabr Abu Bakr Younus, go outside Sirte.

Gaddafi towards the west. She escorted convoys of 15 trucks armed. However, not until he went away. NATO said one plane was spotted and attacked a convoy of around 08.30 local time.

Gerald Longuet, French Defence Minister, later confirmed the air strike that left 15 trucks destroyed and killed 50 followers loyal to Gaddafi was carried out by the French air force.

However, the attack did not kill Gaddafi. Together with a handful of his men, he escaped and was seen running through the trees toward the main road. Gaddafi then hid in two large drainage pipe.

Gaddafi Arrest

Gaddafi and his bodyguards tried to escape from the pursuing soldiers NTC. However, they succeeded in getting caught.

"One person Khadafi out of hiding and shouted, waving his rifle surrendered. But when he saw my face, he actually fired a shot," said one soldier NTC, Saleem Baker, told Reuters.

Allegedly, Gaddafi asked them to stop shooting. "My master here, sir I'm here. Muammar Gaddafi is here and he was injured," said Bakeer imitate speech Gaddafi fruit of a child.

Army NTC and into the pipe and dragged out Gaddafi. Gaddafi was hurt just said quietly, "What? What's up? What happened?" NTC soldiers then brought Gaddafi to the car.

When caught, leg shot Kadhafi, is also back. According to the version Bakeer and other soldiers, the ruler of Libya's 42-year-old was shot by his own men. "One of the guards shot him in the chest Khadafi," said Omran Jouma Shawan.

Amateur video uploaded to YouTube reinforce information that Gaddafi was captured alive. In the video, Khadafi bloody and bewildered soldiers being carried two NTC. Meanwhile, other rebel soldiers tried to hold him while shouting, "Allahu Akbar". All the guards were killed Gaddafi.

The last time Gaddafi

Once captured, Gaddafi was placed in a car that then drove to the city of Misrata. Witnesses said he died from his injuries were.

However, while the Libyan Prime Minister, Mahmoud Jibril, in press conferences Kadhafi said the injury is not severe when laid in the car. However, he was killed during a shootout broke out again.

"Gaddafi was taken from the drainage pipes, he did not resist. At that time he had been shot in the right arm. There is no other injuries on his body."

When the car is moving, she was caught in the crossfire between the army and the revolutionary and loyalist Gaddafi was shot in the head. "Forensic doctors can not reveal, whether the bullet came from the revolutionary army or army Gaddafi."

Gabriel said, Gaddafi was killed a few minutes before reaching the hospital.

Another amateur video allegedly taken a fighter NTC showed that Gaddafi's body was dragged and laid lifeless on the floor. The rebel fighters who saw him, cheering.

His body was then loaded onto trucks and taken to an undisclosed location. "We brought Gaddafi to the secret places of the body for reasons of security," said Mohamed Abdel Kafi, an NTC official in the city of Misrata

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