A Dog come Demonstration in Greece

Written By Admin on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 6:48 PM

Greece - Thousands of protesters mass strike and massive protests in the Greek capital, Athens. They reject the government's austerity plan, which is considered to be more detrimental to the citizens of Greece. However, not only a human being involved in the demonstration. A stray dog ​​named Sausage also participate in demonstrations.

Sausage is at the forefront of the protesters. Well as peaceful demonstrations, or riot takes place, Sausage is always present, which caused him to be considered as a symbol of Freedom Dogs Greece.

As if understanding the demands of the demonstrators, joined Sausage struggling. In fact, Sausage involved dealing with police and troops hurl tear gas. Sausage is one of the 2,000 stray dogs in Athens. But in Athens, wild dogs still being fed and vaccinated. Not only that, like wild dogs Sausage also put a necklace on the micro chip, complete with phone numbers to call if the dog is doing the problem.

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