X-47B aircraft, aircraft-like UFO

Written By Admin on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 7:34 PM

USA - United States and China are always competing to develop aircraft technology. Not wanting to lose from China's increasingly buoyant produce sophisticated weapons, the United States complement his fleet with a number of advanced drone. One is a plane that looks like a robotic tail UFO - flying saucer that sprawl on the edges. In the future, this aircraft is predicted to cause misunderstanding, people thought they had seen UFOs. The aircraft is scheduled to be deployed to the U.S. aircraft carrier in 2013.

As a step toward it, the plane, named the X-47B drone recently has made its maiden flight. To note drone aircraft is guided from the ground plane. In the battlefield, the use of these aircraft will reduce the risk of casualties and supporting intelligence activities. The U.S. Navy said, the X-47B - are designed with features hidden by Northrop Grumman - more than just the first carrier-based aircraft drones, is also a refueling platform test independently without human assistance targeted achieved in 2014.

"The flight last week gives us a clear picture about the aerodynamic capabilities of X-47B air system. This proves that all our predictions," said Janis Pamiljans, deputy program director for Northrop Grumman, as published Space.com.
Flight test is also used to test the robotic navigation systems, both hardware and software. Robotic brain is designed to help the X-47B flew and landed on the deck of aircraft carriers.

Tests conducted did not include weapons demonstrations and sensir. However, there is no obvious reason why the X-47B is not intended to transport the weapons in the future. The U.S. military has demonstrated the deadly drone attacks, Reaper and the Predator in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. The Navy has announced plans to use unmanned helicopters are armed.

Previously, U.S. military analysts say that the development of new weapons is one of the U.S. measures to balance the development of Chinese weaponry. Finally, China has developed missile destroyer aircraft carriers which proved successful in trials. "China's military modernization is a long-term threat that makes the U.S. must be prepared for the Asia-Pacific region, improving the ability of robotics, air and land weapons," said Patrick Cronin, senior analyst for New American Security agencies.

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