The tragedy of Tanya: 10 Years of Being a Sex Slave

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Pittsburgh - It's really very sad story of this woman's life. This is one of the longest mysterious cases that occurred in Pittsburgh. A 14-year-old boy,Tanya Kach, disappeared from her parents' home in 1996. Its existence was traced up to 10 later. Later it was revealed, the poor woman imprisoned in the second floor of the home of Thomas Hose, one security guard at her school. Over time the bandits who kidnapped her it gives a little leeway. Until one day in 2006 - despite the fear and brainwashed, Ask the courage to admit to a shopkeeper. Thanks to that information, the police eventually released him.

Currently, as an adult woman, Tanya spoke for the first time about the horrible experience he experienced.

In a related interview recently published his book, he admitted to a troubled teenager when the tragedy happened. His parents divorced, as a fugitive he had talked to Hose - perpetrators of kidnapping - under the stairs schools. At that time, Kach claimed trust and to bond with Hose, who was 25 years older. "My mother disappeared from my life at that time. He even forgot he had a daughter, even though we lived one roof. Unfortunately, I rely on the wrong person," he told KDKA-TV.

In his eyes then, lecherous man who kidnapped her, was a patron. "He's a competent figure, wear uniforms and badges. Someone who would you trust easily," he added. Later, Tanya determined to run away from home and lived at the residence of Hose - who lives with his parents and his son
. However, the astonishing, parents are the perpetrators admitted unconscious teenage girl who lived 10 years on the second floor of his house.

To CBS News, Tanya confesses his life for 24 hours at home was horrible. Were lucky if he is allowed down to bathe once a week. He was even forced to use buckets as toilets. "He put a bucket in there, then say, 'this bathroom.' I was brainwashed, and now I'm very, very insulted." Each time, he ate only bread layered peanut butter or jelly. Also, bananas and a can of soda. Sometimes, Hose up to bring the rest of the food that he could not spend.

Initially, he felt it was a sacrifice of his love for Tom Hose. However, he was just using it as an outlet for lust. Tanya was also forced to change the color of her hair and changed his name to Nikki. He confessed, too scared to leave the cursed house, although Hose was away. Therefore, the offender threatened, he would always find him and kill him. "He stressed, I was like a dog who must obey what his master."

Fortunately, when given leeway, asked to meet with a shopkeeper - the first person he told about his identity. Thomas Hose, which is currently 53 years old, was sentenced to 15 years jail after being found guilty of sexual assault, interfere with custody issues, and endangering children. He is eligible for parole in February 2012.

"He's really a monster, it's the right word to call it," said Tanya. Now, Tanya build his life back. In addition to writing his autobiography "The Story Tanya Nicole Kach. Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid", he also was studying to become a real estate agent.

He initially also tried to build a relationship with his family. But, asked confessed, his father, Jerry Kach was not sure he was taken hostage. His father even hurt him verbally, by saying no longer loved him. He finally broke with his father two years ago, could not stand the negative comments.

However, when asked for confirmation, Jerry Kach said she felt humiliated by his daughter's book. "If you want to go out and tell the story like that, go to the TV 'junk', enjoy a 15 menitmu. But do not drag-and cemarkan drag me my good name," he said. "I love my daughter but, his last words to me, 'Have a good life fun, Jerri'. It was very painful."

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