A Millionaires Became Beggars for 17 Years

Written By Admin on Friday, October 14, 2011 | 7:39 PM

Manhattan - This story may be very surprising to you, but this is a real happening. Three more years, even 100 years old. With the old body, and eyes that no longer sighted view, every day he was limping, carrying a basket thrust, toward the cars stopped at red traffic lights. To the driver, he asked for coins and offers complimentary newspapers in return. People who do not know certainly consider it just a beggar. But who would have thought that old grandpa once known as the 'leading men in the world'.

He is Irwin Corey, comedian, actor, also a left-wing political activist. Every day, seven days a week, he walked down East 35th Street, Manhattan. Already 17 years he was doing it.
Of course, Corey - the poor across long career on Broadway, television, theater and comedy club - do not need the money, especially coins he collected.

In fact, he was not homeless - such as a messy and shabby appearance. He had an apartment in the elite New York whose value is estimated at U.S. $ 3.5 million or approximately Rp31 billion. Then what is the reason disguised as beggars and begging on the streets? Answer Corey: to kill the sense of loneliness due to abandoned wife who accompanied him for 70 years, Fran. Also for helping others.

Male 97 years was also never pocketed the money he collected - the day could reach U.S. $ 250 or approximately Rp2, 2 million. The money that he donated for medical assistance to children in Cuba. He even had to bring aid to Cuba. His picture along with Fidel Castro on the wall it is a luxury apartment.
Corey admitted, has not entirely abandon his career in the entertainment world that he lived for eight decades. He still appears regularly - last week he performed a local club in Chicago.

In the world of entertainment, Corey earned the nickname 'Professor' since the 1940s with a distinctive appearance: tailcoat, tie straps, high heels, and the hair stood up like a scarecrow. He was being polite to people who gave him a coin on the street. Also greeted with a greeting funny, "see you later, alligator".

In an interview with the New York Times, he did not explain in detail its financial position. However, agents who handle more than 50 years, Irvin Arthur (85) says, Corey did not need money, to the point of having to beg on the streets. "It's not about money, to Irwin, the streets are a stage performer.

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