Found, "Art Studio" World's Oldest

Written By Admin on Friday, October 14, 2011 | 7:45 PM

South Africa - The researchers found an ancient site that claimed to be 'art studio' first in the world. The room was found at Blombos Cave, located on the south coast of Cape Town, South Africa. He was an estimated 100,000 years. Similarly told

On this site, also found two boxes of dressing separately. In addition, the researchers also found a sharp rock. Allegedly the stones were used as a fishing pole. The last discovery was reported to dye the dressing, smoothing bowl, to keep the skin, bones and charcoal for dye mixture.

Chairman of researchers from the University of Bergen, Norway, Christopher Henshilwood said the discovery showed signs of mental processes of human evolution is complex. According to these researchers, who found that the dye can be used for drawing, decoration, and skin protection.

These researchers also say the discovery shows that people at that time already has the conceptual ability of resources, combine, and store the materials that may be used to increase the degree of social development. Henshilwood who also worked for the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa said that the researchers believe make up the dye was crushed on the rocks when creating a red powder. Muller and mixed with the bones, charcoal, and bone fragments.

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