Harold Camping: "Doomsday" Six Days Away ?

Written By Admin on Saturday, October 15, 2011 | 5:43 PM

USA - Twice, the leader of a sect pastimes, Harold Camping predicted the coming of Judgement: September 6, 1994 and May 21, 2011 was the day of judgment - at that time about 200 million Christians appointed to paradise Earth would be like hell for five months - until October 21 2011, where life really ends. Both of them failed miserably.

But anyway, this middle-aged man did not give up too. In his talk radio sites, Family Radio Network, he remained adamant in his opinion that life will end October 21, 2011. Despite predictions of Earth into the fields of disaster last May unproven. "What happened on May 21? God did not make the earth tremble, but surprisingly people with 'fear'," said he, quibble.

Then, why no human being lifted to heaven at that time? Camping says, it's because God no longer save the human soul. Camping suffering stokes last June is now lying at home in order to recovery. In a message broadcast on radio, he says, "Judgement will come in peace."

Camping doings analyzed by professors of religion from Concordia University, Lorenzo DiTommaso. He said, it is common for the doomsday forecasters fail, to not acknowledge his mistake. They insisted pradiksinya true, only the interpretation is wrong. A similar case also occurred in William Miller predicted the world would end October 22, 1844, based on what is believed to be a hint of Resurrection in the Book of Daniel.

On that day, thousands of people who believe already gave whatever they have. They were surprised when the day, no matter what happens. Judgement was coming. However, they conclude, on that day, the apocalypse has been shifted to another time.

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