Indonesia Trade Growth Rises in 2025

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Indonesia - Indonesia is forecast to be in fourth position as the country with the highest growth in world trade volume in 2025. The position of Indonesia is estimated to record a growth of 7.3 percent per year under Egypt, India, and Vietnam. Projections were obtained from HSBC Trade Connection Report Report 2011 which reveals the trends and outlook for international trade. This report is based on the HSBC Trade Confidence Index (TCI) and HSBC Trade Forecast.

HSBC Trade Forecast predicts a report on the development of trade in 5, 10, and 15 years into the future. The report covering 36 countries was the result of collaboration between HSBC and Delta Economics.
In the report mentioned total trade growth in Indonesia in the next 15 years is predicted to rise by 144 percent driven by commodity exports. In addition, in 2025 Indonesia's trade value is predicted to increase to U.S. $ 619.6 billion from U.S. $ 280.4 billion in 2010.

Predictions on the growth of trade in Indonesia is in line with the optimism of traders between countries. The HSBC survey of TCI in the second half of this year stated optimism exporters and importers Indonesia rose 21 points to level 144. Conditions that make the perpetrators of Indonesia's most optimistic trade among countries in the survey.

By 64 percent or more than half of the import export business people surveyed said they were optimistic that trade volume will increase in six months. The report also notes HSBC Asia trade corridor will rise 96 percent to reach U.S. $ 14 trillion in 2025 and became the main driver of growth in world trade. Four developing countries in Asia namely Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and China entered the top five countries with the highest trade growth rate until 2025.

Head of Trade Nirmala Salli HSBC Indonesia, said the level of optimism of traders in the survey this time not only increased significantly, but also makes the exporters and importers of Indonesia has the highest optimism.

This trend, says Nirmala, it is important to be observed due to the impact on exporters need access to trade finance. With the optimism of the rising volume of trade, improving the quality of suppliers and buyers, as well as confidence in the exchange rate stability and regulation, business to expand confidently overseas expansion which would require additional capital.

"Readiness of the banking sector is needed in support of this," he said However, Nirmala remind, exchange rate fluctuations and regulation are the two main challenges amid optimism of international traffickers. In addition, declining demand for their products is also one of the major obstacles that businesses increasingly feared.

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