Video: Tragic...Children 2 Years squashed Cars, People Not Care

Written By Admin on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | 8:56 PM

China - A two-year-old boy lay weakly with the condition of severe injuries after getting hit by cars twice. More than ten people who pass through the child's none of that helps the hapless boy. Tragic events that touched the sense of humanity is a warm conversation in South China.

Xinhua news agency on Monday (17/10) writes that the incident was sparked widespread social outrage at social networking. Tragic events that befell the child named Yue Yue was captured on security.

In the tape, Yue Yue walked across the highway right in front of the store owned by his parents in the city of Foshan, South China. He was hit by a van and run over. Shortly thereafter a three-quarter-size truck that passed also run over a toddler boy who had the helpless. As if there was no pity at all the cars that pass you by leaving the boy lying in the middle of the road. The people who crossed nobody cares anything at all.

 It was not until the tenth or eleventh care and help that boy. The scavenger woman screaming for help. Yue Yue's mother was out of the house and then picked her up and carries her to the hospital. Hospital doctors said, Yue Yue is now in a coma and could not possibly survive.

"He will not be able to survive to undergo any surgery. Nearly suffered brain death," said a spokesman for the hospital caring for themselves Yue Yue.

Foshan Police have arrested the driver of two cars that ran over the hapless boy. Meanwhile, people in social networking remarked, that the city is now suffering from very severe antisocial disease. No more sense of humanity. Records of these tragic events also uploaded on Youtube.

You can see the video here:

Do not follow the attitude of the people who are in this video are very individualistic. Take a lesson from this incident that you have to throw away the individualistic nature that could endanger others!

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