Amazing! Seven-legged goat in Gresik

Written By Admin on Thursday, October 6, 2011 | 3:03 AM

Gresik - A unique goat found in Gresik. Goat's Safe and Sumilah partner, Bangunrejo Hamlet, Village Mojopurogedhe, Bungah Subdistrict, Kabupaten Gresik, East Java, it has peculiarities and unique. Goat who was born on Friday (09/30/2011) at 14:00 it had seven legs. No doubt, the goat that was making a spectacle of citizens.

According Sumilah, the goat gave birth to two children. All of them male, but this one has seven seven. "His condition is healthy," he said Saturday morning. Two kid's Safe feeding like a newborn lamb. Umbilical cord is still visible. However, a seven legged when hobbled. Three feet in the middle dragged.

Several times a goat that fell when his foot tripped over the rope. "Poor thing," said Imron, a resident. However, children and local people feel curious about the goat. In fact, some of them take pictures with cell phones.

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