Caution, smoking can cause blood vessels to become hard.

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Health - Active smokers are very susceptible to cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide is also the most popular killer after a traffic accident. "The fact of the WHO states that occur one death from cardiovascular disease every two seconds, every five seconds of heart attack and stroke due every six seconds," said Professor of North Sumatra University (USU), Prof. Julia Reveny in Medan on Wednesday.

He said, each year an estimated 17 million people in various countries die from cardiovascular disease. The occurrence of deep vein thrombosis (aterosklorosis) was not only triggered by the high consumption of fatty foods, but also triggered by smoking.
When people smoke, the more oxidant substances regardless of the response due to the entry of toxins from the cigarettes smoked.

Oxidant substances that make the walls of damaged blood vessels and create low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL). LDL more easily "caught" in the area of ​​damage caused by the oxidant substances. "Then the cholesterol that is" stuck "the growing number and cause blockages so that blood vessels become hardened and there was aterosklorosis," said Professor of Toxicological Sciences steeped in it. According to him, atherosclerosis is a hardening of the arterial wall fat pasture etymologically derived from the Greek word meaning porridge Ruling. Understanding the form of porridge here adalan fat deposits that resemble soft as mush.
In addition, other Greek scleros meaningful ie hard, so literally, a substance which was originally soft and flabby is buried and the accumulated amount in one arena causes the formation of lesions which over time will enlarge and thicken, narrowing the arteries and impede blood flow. Resulting in the process of hardening and block blood flow in blood vessels. "The blood vessels which become a means of transportation corridors flowing substance the body's metabolic processes will have fatal consequences if they become blocked," he said

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