Discover the Two-Headed Snake, the Gardener Shock

Written By Admin on Sunday, October 16, 2011 | 6:53 PM

Tennessee - A gardener shock, shocked at the sight of a snake. Not because he had a phobia with other reptiles, but the form of an unusual animal: a two-headed. At that time, Paul Carver was spraying liquid repellent grass in their land. He found a small snake. When looking at the crowd of the snake, she encounters one of the two-headed reptiles. Despite the odd shape, the snake was crawling with no problems.

"My first reaction was how to go quickly, but I thought this strange thing. Then I weigh what I should do with these animals," he said as the Daily Mail published.
The man from Clarksville, Tennessee was then called her friend, Dale Granstaff, an officer in the Wildlife Center. Meanwhile, Grandstaff said, "There are millions of snakes in the world, also the eggs. Within a year, maybe there are some snakes are born this way." However, he adds, "Basically, the baby might not like that produced in the wild, naturally."

He decided to give the snake species are not venomous Kingsnake it to Tennessee Tech University. Animals were now analyzed a named expert, Dr. Dan Combs. There are fears that snakes will not live long. For two head have varied interests. Clearly visible, about the direction of movement. Since there is no dominant head, two heads that want to control her body. One time, one head leads to the outside, the other one wants to stay in the cage.

Likewise physical matter, the snake is also showing signs of defects in the spine. The condition is expected to make it difficult to eat. Although it's been able to drink water. "It's very interesting, I've seen a number of animals preserved with extra body parts, also a living tortoise with two heads. However, I do not remember ever seeing live snakes with two heads," says Dr. Combs.

Reptile experts hope these strange snake could survive. Although he admitted, was not too optimistic. "I'm concerned, he could eat ak. If the condition is true, the animal was probably only lasted a week," he said. However, if the baby two-headed snake was showing positive signs, able to eat normally, he can live to 20 years and reach lengths of 1.8 meters. But, still, life expectancy can be reduced for three years because of an abnormal condition.

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