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Technology - Today Google celebrates the birth of Art Clokey. It is in the show by Art Clokey Google to make a theme on today's Google Doodle. Arthur Clokey, or known by Art Clokey. Art Clokey Who? Clokey who popularized the movement animation when it was still using the materials of clay. Art Clokey was born in Detroit, Michigan on October 12, 1921. Clokey's father died in the incident an accident and he finally moved to an area with my mother and stepfather. But ironically, the stepfather did not want to nurture him until Clokey Clokey eventually sent to an orphanage. And when he was 12 years, Clokey was adopted by a musician classic style, the Joseph W. Clokey. Clokey in sekolahkan on a specific art department at drawing, painting, and making movies in his life during his trip in Canada and Mexico. That's a little review biographies Art Clokey.

Starting in 1955, where when it Clokey trying to perform experiments animated filmmaking. The project's first animated film that is Gumbasa Clokey. And since Clokey's Gumby and his wife made​​, Clokey project which is the animated film with a figure like a green stone that moves like a human - or if you still feel confused as to what figure, a cartoon for example like Nickeloden - but different physical form. Gumbasa addition, in 1960, the second film Clokey famous in his day was Davey & Goliath. Davey & Goliath when it became one of favorite movies on television with a moral message about faith and religious beliefs.

Therefore, Art Clokey is arguably the pioneer of animated films that we can see today how the development
of animated films from ancient times until today. As developed by Steve Jobs with Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation like Kung Fu Panda or Madagascar 2, etc.. It is certainly also due to the contribution Art Cloney until finally the animated film has its own charm and character today. So, What does Google doodle today? (12/10/2011) as a tribute to Art Clokey to service or contribution to animated film, fair if Google as a search engine that is believed to almost every country makes Art Clokey as a theme in today's Google Doodle. 


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