Indonesia vs Qatar match the security will be more in the tightened.

Written By Admin on Thursday, October 6, 2011 | 8:55 PM

Jakarta - On October 11, 2011 will be in the pre-World Cup title match between Indonesia vs Qatar at the Bung Karno Stadium. In the game later in the police expect to tighten security so that incidents like the previous game as a firecracker in Staion will not happen again.

To enhance security, the Polda Metro Jaya conduct coordination meetings with the board PSSI. The meeting held at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, yesterday. Bureau Chief Operating Polda Metro Jaya, Sujarno Commissioner, said the meeting made ​​because both sides do not want anymore missed the fireworks into the stadium and led to cessation of the match.

"Meeting a lot of emerging coordination weaknesses and deficiencies prior to the effect firecrackers and fireworks. By revamping the evaluation we did," said Sujarno. He explained that the reform carried out by maintaining the entrance and hallway doors that no longer firecrackers that go. Own security was enacted four rings. In each ring, he said, the audience will be searched.

In the meantime, she acknowledges that in securing the match Indonesia vs Bahrain ago there was miscommunication. To avoid this, it would make sterilization a few hours before the audience entered.
"Related to drink, the PSSI had agreed if the beverage bottles or glass will be replaced with plastic. Then traders caught carrying plastic bottles will be confiscated," he explained.

He hopes, in the presence of such coordination, the game this time will not be violent, regardless of the outcome. PSSI Executive Committee member Roberto Rouw, acknowledged the problem firecrackers into the stadium when the game became one focus of conversation. Police, says he has guarantees to provide maximum security. "What is important is routine security, and police are on guard inside should not overlook the football field and should only be seeing the audience," said Roberto


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