Rare illness, Women It Allergies Money

Written By Admin on Friday, October 7, 2011 | 8:32 PM

UK - Holding money for most people is the most fun. But for Emma Killilea, holding the coin will make his hands swell, itch and blister. 39-year woman suffering from severe allergy to objects containing nickel and copper - including coins, jewelry, metal buttons and zippers. Once exposed to metals containing nickel, red welt and feels hot and itchy will last up to 24 hours.

Nevertheless, there is no medicine to treat his condition. As a result, she would prefer to use credit cards when shopping rather than holding cash. In fact, he could not wear nail polish base layer because it contains nickel.
  "It's very difficult and frustrating. Because you'll always find new things that contain nickel." Emma always be careful every time it comes into the store and wait until last so as not to hold the money for too long. She even had to use plastic gloves to keep skin protected.

"My brother always joked I was always obsessive when purchasing a handbag. That's because I'm trying to find a bag of the most secure," he told the Daily Mail. His condition began to be felt at the age of nine years. At that time, he received a gift from her aunt's necklace. After wearing the gift, he began to feel the itching in the parts in contact with jewelry. The more mature, he began to realize allergy and finally did her best to avoid the nickel and copper.

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