Revealed: Sexy Photos & Vulgar In laws Khadafi

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Libya - Nearly two months Muammar Gaddafi has fallen from the reins of power. But the story about the Libyan dictator is as though there is no death. This time about his son, Hannibal (36) and his wife, a former underwear model Lebanese origin, Aline Skaff. From a laptop allegedly belonging to Hannibal, uncovered dozens of sexy photos and vulgar couple. The lifestyle of those 'wow' when Gaddafi was in power. 

Any of these photos, posing sexy son-Gaddafi, using only your underwear in a hotel room five-star luxury. Also visible, Hanibal and his wife were partying in a private plane or on expensive yacht in the waters of Egypt. Some of the resulting image, the couple were surrounded by alcohol - something strictly forbidden in Libya, and the religion of Islam.

In an undated photo, the couple was seen Hannibal-Aline luxury vacation to Paris, Rome, and into a beautiful super luxury resort in Egypt, Sharm el-Sheik. Also recorded the activity of their shopping at expensive boutiques. Other photos show, they stayed in luxury hotels, paragliding, diving, and visiting the Tripoli Zoo. 31-year-old Skaff is often featured in sensual poses. On the mattress and the beach, he looks back. Some pictures of herself even deserve inclusion in the category pornograph.

Gaddafi family lifestyle of luxury, wasteful, and also was considered outrageous that angered the people, which led to the fall of Gaddafi. Hannibal Gaddafi is a great family member, other than the dictator's wife, Safiya, his son, Mohammed, and putrrinya, Aisha who fled to Algeria after the fall of Tripoli. In addition to Hannibal who married bikini model, another Gaddafi son, Mu'tasim fame also dating former Playboy model from Holland named Talitha van Zon.

Ever torturing maids

Not just this time the couple made ​​the controversy. In 2008, they provoke tension Libya-Swiss relations. At that time, they were arrested in a five-star hotel in Geneva for allegedly torturing two former aides. After Hannibal jailed in Switzerland, defended her father's regime-out. Switzerland is required to apologize for accusing Hannibal commit violence against the two aides. In September 2008, the case was discontinued. Hannibal also had been sentenced to four months for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in France. He was then out on bail money 500 euros.

After Tripoli fell into the hands of insurgents, Ethiopian nanny comes to the public. Shweyga Mullah - his name - admitted being beaten and doused with hot water in cold blood while working on a couple.
According to CNN, Shweyga child is considered incapable of silencing those who continued to cry. When Shweyga told to beat their children, he refused. Consequently, Ethiopia's bloody nanny poured hot water, beaten, bound, starvation, thirst and cold outdoors.

As a result of torture, Shweyga suffered severe burns. Even from untreated wounds that had come out maggots and pus. He did not even given a salary. "I worked all year, and they do not give a penny," said Shweyga

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