Russian citizens died in the Office of Immigration

Written By Admin on Friday, October 7, 2011 | 3:22 AM

Jakarta - News of the deaths occurred in the Russian citizens in Jakarta. A Russian citizen named Victor Larin (61), died in office of the Directorate General of Immigration, Jakarta. Victor is wearing a blue shirt in the room died Kasubdit DGI investigation and prosecution in the third floor of the Immigration office.

"To die naturally, naturally. Earlier had seizures and we could also call a doctor Immigration, doctors Yenny Kusuma," said Immigration Herawan Sukoaji Kasubdit PR, Friday (07/10/2011). Narrated Herawan, Victor visited DGI initially with the Russian vice consul Sergey Karyagin around 10.00 hrs. The arrival of Victor to take care of lost passport and status that has been over for 1 year stay in Indonesia.

After checking the administration, staff judge Victor still need to complete several other files. Victor went back to the Russian Embassy in Indonesia to complement the deficiency. At around 10:35 pm, Victor returned to the administrative records that have been completed. Waiting for the file is processed, Victor sat in a chair waiting for guests are available in the room Kasubdit investigation and prosecution. On the next sitting vice consul. Five minutes later, he suddenly spasm.

Victor found the seizure, she called the doctor's officer Jenny Kusuma, doctors at the Directorate General of Immigration, to check on Victor. But apparently, after examination, Victor has been known to die. "Now his body was taken to the RSCM," said Herawan. Embassy of Russia's own party, said Herawan, had been told about this incident.

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