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Written By Admin on Monday, October 17, 2011 | 7:16 PM

Russia - In the first interview on television since his nomination as President of Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also revealed the reason for the return of her candidacy for president. According to Putin, he wants to return to the Kremlin to stabilize the Russian economy. In addition, Putin said he would re-establish Russia's political system is fundamentally based on democratic institutions.

"If I had started something, I'll try to finish it. Or at least fix something with all my ability," said Putin, who has undergone two presidential periods.
Putin even suggested, by using his political influence, he could only deal with the Russian constitution, which allows him to re-nominated, despite two periods of his presidency, from 2000 to 2008. But, Putin chose not to do that, and continue the presidency to Dmitry Medvedev stick.

After more than a few years, Putin and Medvedev also relieve their tension issue by saying publicly that they will jointly determine who among them will run for president in 2012. Putin's interview on national television three Russians, that is Channel One, Russia 1, and NTV. Previously, 30 September, Medvedev also did an interview on the same television station, with the same host. At that time, Medvedev said the presidential candidates to consider submission to Putin because it has a high rating in public opinion and have a greater chance.

Regarding combination with Medvedev, Putin said. "Four years ago we agreed that, if successful in running a four-year reign, then we reserve the right to return to continue the configuration of power to the people: who will do what, what principle would we hold, and where we will lead the country and the nation," Putin said.

"When it came, and we remain successful (successful in the government). This is a well established issue for us, but not for the people. We will file configuration, and it is up to the people whether they would accept that we asked," Putin continued. Last month, Medvedev took the initiative to hold a meeting of United Russia Party to push Putin as President in 2012. Instead, Putin and Medvedev suggested to perform the role as Prime Minister if their party won the parliamentary elections next December, which will enable them to switch roles.

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