Today, Yogyakarta Sultan's Daughter Married

Written By Admin on Monday, October 17, 2011 | 7:29 PM

Yogyakarta - Procession "Ijab qabul" marriage Kanjeng Prince Haryo Yudanegoro and Gusti Kanjeng Queen Bendoro Panepen held in Yogyakarta Palace mosque, this morning, Tuesday, October 18, has been done. The event began with the arrival of the groom, Yudanegoro, in Ward Srimanganti to wait for the procession of the ceremony and the arrival of "Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X" in the mosque Panepen at 06.00 pm.
The procession was attended by the bride without, GKR Bendoro. Both had met in Panggih procession, which was held on the ward after the consent qabul Kencono, at 10.00 am. In this procession at once and invited guests could congratulate the bride.

The dowry in "Marriage of Yogyakarta Palace" This is a set of tools prayers, rojokoyo (jewelry), and the Koran holy book Sermon message, said Dipodiningrat is to convey to the bride, that marriage is a meeting of two families who will form a new family of sakinah, mawadah, and warrahmah.

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