Two Spanish doctor kidnapped in Somalia

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Somalia - Again, a kidnapping occurred in Somalia. Two female doctors Spanish armed gangs kidnapped while in Dadaab refugee camp, Somalia, near the border with Kenya. The area was known for kidnapping-prone. Two doctors working for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), a social institution which is also known as Country Doctor Without Borders (Doctors Wihout Border).

MSF said, a driver from Kenya were also wounded during the kidnapping occurred. Currently, the driver is in critical condition and hospitalized.
Action of the kidnappers attack occurred in Ifo camp, one of three camps in Dadaab area. Dadaab refugee camp currently accommodates some 450 thousand people displaced due to food crisis in the Horn of Africa (Horn of Africa).

MSF President Jose Antonio Bastos then condemn this kidnapping. "MSF continues to communicate with the officials concerned and do everything for the safety of our colleagues," said Jose Antonio Bastos. MSF has also established teams to tackle these kidnappings. But for the safety of their doctorate, MSF is not willing to provide information about the steps that have been made the team.

Kenya Police continue to search for traces of himself claimed the kidnappers by road and air. Borders were closely guarded to prevent escape of the kidnappers across the border.

Somalia border region with Kenya are prone to kidnappings in recent weeks. Previously, two foreign women are also abducted in the region, one French nationals and one British. Security around Dadaab are poorly known and prone to armed action. A number of refugees in Dadaab call, bandits armed with AK 47 often go into exile and rob the belongings of refugees.

However, until now not known who is responsible for the kidnappings. During this time, the area south of Somalia controlled by al-Shabab group. But al-Shabab has always denied involvement kidnapping and robbery. The United Nations has declared the famine in six regions of Somalia. Most of the area controlled by al-Shabab.

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