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Written By Admin on Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 7:25 PM

Subang - Again, people shocked by the quirky police action that has been circulating in youtube. As with any action lipsync Norman Kamaru, now turn Bripka Suroyo Karno, 55, a member of Subang district police traffic cop, make a buzz and quite horrendous surfers in cyberspace. Karno Bripka eccentric action is performed acrobatics on a motorcycle with his service along 15 miles, segments Road Ciater until Cijambe Road.

A road user immortalize death-defying action Bripka Karno is then uploaded via social networking 'Youtube', on October 4, 2011 last. Uwa, so call Mapolres fellow colleagues in Subang, said no one dreamed of the action preserved and upload to youtube and then in an instant he became famous.
"Just now Uwak been interviewed nationwide private television stunt asks exhibited wear ass motorhome," Karno said with an accent full of intimacy when contacted Pos Kota, Monday (10/10) afternoon.

According Karno, acrobatic action on motor patwal he did not to seek sensation. However, Karno said, acrobatics has become a habit in the last 5 years. Including when he was on duty at Police Station Market Ciasem, Patokbeusi, which are dijalur pantura Subang.

"The goal is just so entertaining. Leaders respond positively and take action as entertainment. 'Face' of Subang district police are now lively with the presence of Uwak who like acrobatics and joke, "he said. Send you anything that could Uwak as acrobatics above the motor, Karno was used to answer because, he finally played some good at riding a motorcycle stunt tens of kilometers like standing up and holding the steering wheel to use the beach.

"Average speed of 80 km / jam.Trek who crossed the road straight as pantura lane and the lane and winding like a bustling Subang south passing vehicles," he said.
her now famous fast. Uwak Karno said he would not like Norman Kamaru who choose to withdraw from the police because of emerging popularity. "I really love this police corps. I will continue to serve in the National Police Corps, although the day after tomorrow I'm shining like Kamaru, "concluded the Uwak.

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