Contingent Indonesia Official Costume Officially Launched

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Indonesia - Costume Indonesian contingent at the 2011 SEA Games officially released, Tuesday, October 11, 2011. The event was held by sports equipment manufacturers League designated as the official supplier of the organizing committee. The launch is entitled 'Garuda Series'. Several national athletes selected to become the ambassador League given the opportunity showcase costumes and attributes that will be subject to the Indonesian contingent at the SEA Games 2011.

League One ambassadors who rally action is Vennard Hutabarat. The event was also attended by the product icon Soccer League, Jeffrey Kim Kurniawan. Before dumped, Kim had followed the U-23 national training squad projection SEA Games in 2011.
COO-PT Berca Sportindo (producer League), Hartono Wijaya feels proud to be trusted as a supplier of clothing SEA Games in 2011. Because the League has to compete with a number of world-class manufacturer of sports equipment.

"When I entered this selection process, is actually not a factor of our business priority. But the factors of nationalism, because during this time, every Indonesian contingent who followed the tournament, always wear brand overseas. Therefore in the SEA Games as a proving ground for us that Indonesia is able , "said Hartono. According to Hartono, the institute has set up two thousand costumes and sporting equipment for the Indonesian contingent at the SEA Games in 2011. There are two patterns that will adorn the attributes and costumes Indonesian contingent at the SEA Games later.

"For Garuda Series products, we launched the costumes and attributes that shades of red and white and gold. The color red and white as the national colors and gold as a symbol of the highest achievements in sport," he said.
In addition to providing equipment for athletes and officials Indonesia, League as well throw this product into the market. At least 50 thousand Garuda Series products will be prepared for people who are interested in buying.

"For business rates to be achieved is relative, but we prefer if domestic products can compete with other world-class products that have long been in the sports world," said Hartono. "And to carry the tagline" Indonesia Wins ", we hope to inspire and give encouragement to all athletes to achieve the best results at the SEA Games later," he concluded.

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