Spiceglobal Exploring Indonesia Market

Written By Admin on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 7:54 PM

Technology - Indonesia as one of the largest populated country in the world's main attraction for developing Internet businesses. Moreover, the fact is followed by a surge in internet users in Indonesia. "State your potential with a large population, let alone the number of Internet users," said BK Modi, founder and owner of Spice Global, a global business group engaged in the Internet industry, technology, entertainment, and finance. 

Another indicator, said Modi, is the user's BlackBerry and other smartphones in Indonesia, amounting to a large and shows a rising trend. This makes it interested in developing an Internet business through Spice Global flag.

"Currently in Indonesia, Spice has cooperated with the local device manufacturers, Nexian," said Modi. "Collaboration between the two S Nexian produce," he said. With S Nexian, Spice wants to bring the mission that the Internet needs is a fundamental requirement. "The aim is that all people can connect to the Internet, including the early age, ie the children," said Modi.

Having formed a partnership with a local brand Indonesia, Modi said, the next target is to bring the internet in the room like a school in his native country, India. "We try to give examples of how North Internet presence in the world of education in India," he added. As an illustration Modi explains, the Internet will bring huge revenue potential. Usahan group Spice Group to target only income from internet business up to U.S. $ 2 billion in the year 2011.

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