Members of Parliament Fired because of skipping a year.

Written By Admin on Thursday, October 6, 2011 | 9:42 PM

Wonosobo - Honorary Board Wonosobo Regency, Central Java, to be firm and formally dismiss Nurodin, legislators from more than a year Hanura who do not enter the office. He violates laws and regulations.
According to Bambang Sugiyanto, chairman of the Honorary Wonosobo parliament on Tuesday (04/10/2011), Nurodin officially dismissed as a member of parliament for violating Law No. 27 of 2009 which regulates the Members of Parliament Standing Orders. Also, Government Regulation Number 16 Year 2010 regarding the Board Member Code of Conduct.

"We have to consider the merits of this decision. Keep in mind, before imposing sanctions, about three months ago we had sent a letter through Nurodin family and his party. But there is no clear position Nurodin brother," said Bambang.

Basis for the termination decision, because Nurodin more than one year does not enter the office. Nurodin did not give details of its existence. Since never entered office, he never attended the meetings agenda that was held parliament, as well as more than six times in a row did not attend the plenary session without explanation.
"Sanctions are given an ultimate sanction, which dismissed, for having violated the rules that bind the board," said Bambang.
Once dismissed by BK, proceed left to the leadership of Parliament to administer the official dismissal of the governor's decree.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Parliament of Wonosobo, Joko Wiyono, said, it will soon stop delivering it to the bearer of the party ie Nurodin Hanura.Letter of dismissal was related to the revocation of the mandate of the party Nurodin. The deadline for answers from the parties no later than 30 days.
If within 30 days of no response, the proposed dismissal will still be done by sending the file to the regents, which was submitted to the governor, in order Nurodin dismissed.

During this meal Nurodin blind salary as a member of parliament. Because, despite being warned BK Wonosobo parliament six months ago, fixed salary into her account. Dismissal of the new salary will be made after the decree (SK) dismissal from the governor down.

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