Robbery Occurred During the Day, One Person Was Killed

Written By Admin on Friday, October 7, 2011 | 2:58 AM

Jakarta - A robbery occurred at one of the citizens of Jakarta. These include bold robbery because it happened in broad daylight. A maid servant was killed and another one was seriously injured after robbers killed in action in broad daylight in the Semper Barat, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Friday, October 7, 2011. Robberies that occurred in the three-storey mansion in Jalan Duren R Block Gang 1, RT 02 RW 08. The maid who died was Asmo, 77 years because of injuries suffered in the head and hand jab.  

While other victims are Asmi, 15 years and is currently still a critical condition and was undergoing hospital treatment to the Port. According to the homeowner named Susi, the robbery occurred around 11:00 pm. It was in the house only two aides. While other family members being out of the house and keep the store. It is said Susi, when it was defending himself in Koja Trade Mall store, was suspicious because the dihubunginya home phone at 11:30 pm, no one answered.

"I make sure and go home. It turns out I was lying two aides and bleeds," he said. Surprised to see the condition of the two aides, Susi call residents to ask for help and report this incident to the police. Meanwhile, according to health workers in health centers Holilah Semper Barat, which is next to explain the victim's house, one offender was seen walking on the roof of the citizens. "He's carrying a bag waist and a black plastic bag," said Holilah, employee health center Semper West who saw the perpetrator walking on the roof of the victim's home.

The health center building is located just next door to the victim. "I see he (offender) path on a roof and jump to the page health center," he said. Although the scene quite a busy area, but the robbery was no one to hear. And in front of the victim's house are many stalls.

Haryono (31) merchant meatballs, pleaded not see anything suspicious. Even visitors to the stall that never deserted it also did not see anything. "I was busy serving the orders, suddenly heard screams from inside the house and the homeowner came out to call people around," he said.

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