Moerdiono Dies in Singapore

Written By Admin on Friday, October 7, 2011 | 8:06 PM

Jakarta - Former State Secretary, Moerdiono died at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore, Friday, October 7, 2011. "He died at 18:40 Western Indonesia Time," said family lawyer Moerdiono, Henry Yosodiningrat, Friday, October 7, 2011. Henry added, this time out and friends are still waiting for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Embassy) in Singapore to pick up the bodies. "The plan will be buried at the Heroes Cemetery in Kalibata, possibly tomorrow," he said.

Moerdiono already two months being treated at the Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore because of the pain that had long menderanya. Moerdiono born in Banyuwangi, August 19, 1934. He entered the Academy of Public Administration (APDN) in 1957. Since the beginning of the New Order Moerdiono career in the Secretariat of State. He is a loyal companion Soedharmono, which later became State Secretary and Vice President.

Moerdiono originally on the staff. Rose to the rank of Assistant Secretary of State for Special Affairs Minister in 1972. Moerdiono later became State Secretary for two terms. On the Development Cabinet applicable V since March 21, 1988 to March 17, 1993. Suharto then re-select it for the same office in the Fourth Development Cabinet who came on duty since March 17, 1993 until March 16, 1998.

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