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Jakarta - Finally, Indonesia 2011 beauty contest has ended, participants from Central Java Selena Maria who emerged victorious. Although looking nervous, she was selected as Miss Indonesia 2011. As planned, the evening Indonesia beauty contest 2011 held at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Friday evening October 7, 2011. The event was attended by several officials as Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, and wife Linda Agum Gumelar Tourism Minister, Jero Wacik.

 Excitement stage happens when the election has reached the big three - East Java daro Liza Purnamasari Elly, Central Java, Mary Selena, and South Sulawesi Andi Tenru Gusti Hanum Utari Natassa. The atmosphere grew boisterous when Liza entered two large and Selena. The atmosphere suddenly crowded, Central Java, Mary Selena declared the winner. Here are questions and answers trips ranging from ten Selena Maria to be the winner of Puteri Indonesia 2011.

When the top ten Selena get the question, "what is the source eagerness to always perform optimally and provide the best?" Answer Selena "sense of my responsibility toward God, family, and society in Central Java who have trusted me as a finalist of Miss Indonesia 2011. And that gift should I live as well as possible. When the big five, Selena got a question from a member of the House of Representatives Nurul Arifin: "In your opinion what is meant by cultural creativity?"

He replied, "I think it is very important. One strength of the cultural community that continuously evolve dynamically according to the times. The last question when the top three, is a matter of "whether a secret that support you so that it can be your present?".
This is the answer of Selena, "I am grateful for whatever happens and even failed to interpret it to be successful, without fail there is no sadness and no happiness. I've failed and that efforts continue to try to make me happy." As the winner, Selena entitled to the prize as Miss Indonesia 2011, ie a car, jewelry valued at 15 million, 10 million in cash and a monthly salary for one year. 

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