These women dared to climb the wall as high as 21 meter.

Written By Admin on Friday, October 7, 2011 | 8:21 PM

China - For the sake of not paying ticket this woman dared to climb the wall as high as 20 meters. Jei Ma, a citizen of china makes tourists wonder mingled horror as he quickly climbed the wall height of more than 21 meters at a tourist attraction in the East China palace. In fact the wall was almost vertical. Without the tools rely on the safety and empty-handed. When asked, desperate to avoid Jei admitted liability to pay a ticket that cost the equivalent of Rp35 thousand.

To the tourists who flock menyaksika action, Jei claim raised in Nanjing, Jiansu Province. He scaled the walls of the Palace Zhinghau since childhood and never pay to enter it. Seeing Jei seemingly easy climb that wall, a number of visitors desperate to imitate it. Unfortunately, they were not lucky. Two of them fell, breaking his leg. Three other policemen had to be rescued before they see a similar fate. "He climbed up the wall like a goat and looks easy. But when people try not as easy as they think," said one tourist 

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