World's Best Universities in California Institute of Technology

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USA - Universities in the United States and Britain again dominated the annual ranking of the world's best universities. In the list of best universities ranking issued by the institution Times Higher Education (THE), the best ranking was occupied by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). They managed to shift Harvard University for the first time in eight years. Colleges in America as the best recorded amounted to 75 and followed by university in England, with the number 32.

While universities in Asia that fall into the highest ranking is the University of Tokyo that are in place to 30, and the National University of Singapore in 40th place.
THE success of Caltech lifted because "the results are consistent for all indicators and a sharp increase in research funding." While Harvard, the college is 365 years old, sitting in second place with Stanford University, California.

In the UK, Oxford University was in fourth position, while Cambridge down in sixth place. The state change where two old British university because of the emphasis the University of Oxford on a larger arts, social sciences, and humanities. As quoted from the BBC, David Willietts, Minister for University and Science of Britain said, "In terms of number of residents per capita, we have the best education sector in the world." The top ten places higher education is dominated by American universities including Princeton, Berkeley, and Chicago.

There are only two universities outside the United States and Britain that is in the top 20 - Swiss Institute of Technology and University of Toronto, Canada. Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that goes to the rank of 200 best-Hebrew University of Jerusalem in place of the 121 and the University of Tel Aviv was ranked 166. University ranking is based on a number of indicators including research, teaching, knowledge transfer, and international activities.

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